Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This week happenings..

Dayson had his CF clinic visit on Monday and he met his weight goal and his lung function was the highest it's ever been. Happy Day!!! Oh and usually this is a 3 hour appointment, but Monday it was only 2 hours!!! That has never happened, so again, Happy Day!!! Thank you again for all of your prayers and thoughts for this little man, he is definitely getting them!

As far as our IVF adventure, we had the embryo implanted on September 30th and according to the Doctor, it went really well.  I am continuing to do all the meds and we have the pregnancy test on Friday. It's been a long 9 days. I keep going back and forth, trying to stay positive and then trying to prepare for the worst. My hopes are so far above up, that I'm afraid of the hard, long fall if it doesn't work out like I hope. Friday seems like it will never get here, but then tonight while Dayson was doing his treatment we all watched home videos of when Bree was two and Dayson was a newborn and it seems like time really does go too fast. And it is official, Layla has more hair than Bree did at age two. I'm so grateful for my little family. I am so blessed. I have the best husband ever, the best 9 year old (10 in 2 weeks - eek!), the best 7 year old, the best 2 year old, and we have our angel Hope watching over us always.

I hope and pray that we will be blessed with one more, but I know that we have done all that we can, and it is now in His hands, and we will have faith in Him no matter what. I'm so grateful for my Savior and His love for me. I'm grateful for my family and friends and all the prayers for our little family. We are so blessed.