Monday, March 23, 2015

In the hole again - Dayson's 4th Hospital Stay

On Wednesday March 11th Dayson was admitted into the hospital because he was having a lot of unexplained pain and fevers. Paisley also turned 9 months old that day and got to visit him on his first day in "the hole".
We were hoping that it would be a short stay but the next day when they did PFT's his lung function was at 41%. We were all shocked by that. He continued to have pain and fevers for the next few days and a very little appetite, but he also had a few visitors those first few days.
He built quite a few Legos those first few days as well.
Monday they ordered a PICC line because we knew it wouldn't be a short stay. They placed the PICC line on Tuesday and then on Wednesday when they did PFT's it was up to 54%. Still not great, but a slight improvement. His sisters came for a visit on Wednesday as well.
Thursday we found out that he tested positive for valley fever and the doctor mentioned that it could turn into a 3 week stay. Dayson was pretty bummed about that and had a sad day. Friday we found out that he still had parvovirus and that was probably a lot of the problem as well. Also on Friday his cousins came to visit and he got to play Wii with his cousin Max. Then our good friend Ted came to lift his spirits by bringing rockets for him to launch on his walk outside.
Max got to join in on the fun as well.
He had so much fun outside with the rockets and it really did boost his spirits. 

But Saturday was a different story. He had chest pain that would not let up and he was miserable most of the day. He also threw up twice and slept most of the day. On Sunday they did an ultrasound of the heart because of the chest pain. They came to his room and he didn't have to leave his bed for it! 
The ultrasound showed some inflammation around the heart and in part of his lung on the left side. They started Motrin to help with the inflammation and they'll continue to monitor that. 

He got to go on another walk outside on Sunday as well.
Last night he was crying at 2:00 am and his crying woke me up. I asked him what was wrong and he didn't say anything, so I asked him what I could do to help him and he said nothing. I asked him again what was wrong and he finally said through his tears, "I want to go home." That about broke my heart in two. I ache for him. I wish I could take his pain and suffering away from him. This morning he had a shower and then took a nap because his stomach was hurting him.
Then they came in and did a chest X-ray right in his own bed.
After his chest X-ray he had a pretty good breakfast and then he rode the exercise bike that's in his room.
Then he had a treatment and after his treatment we got to go on a walk outside. 
After his walk he had a pretty good lunch and then we played Mario Brothers on the Wii. We had a great day today! I'm so thankful for good days!! I'm grateful for the doctors and nurses that take such good care of him. I'm grateful for our nephew, Seth that takes care of Layla and Paisley while I'm at the hospital and Chet is at work. I am so grateful that Chet is able to continue to be our rock during this time. It's really, really hard on me when Dayson is In the hospital and I can be an emotional wreck at times. But Chet is so patient and strong and just takes care of everything. I am so grateful for him. We are hopeful that Dayson will be able to come home on Friday. It will be so nice when our family is under one roof again. I'm so grateful for all of your thoughts, kind words and prayers. We really appreciate all of the love and support we are shown during these hosptial stays.

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