Friday, March 6, 2015

Team Dayson

This week at Pomerene School the kids learned about Cystic Fibrosis and earned money to help find a cure for Dayson and all the other people that are battling this disease. I'm so grateful for Dayson's principal, Shad Housley, who thought of having this fundraiser for Dayson. There were so many people that helped make this week possible and it gave me another reason to be so grateful for our little community that we live in. 

All the kids were given a water bottle and we asked them to fill it with silver coins.

On Monday the kids learned about CF from representatives of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and a couple of nurses from UMC.

Chet and Layla wanted to kick things off and were the first ones to add money to the water jug.

Dayson also demonstrated using his vest for everyone, he was a little embarrassed but also thought it was pretty cool.

On Tuesday there were quite a few students that brought in their water bottles filled with silver coins already and they were off to a great start!

Also on Tuesday the students got to make a para cord bracelet that will remind them of CF when they wear it.

Wednesday Dayson and Bree got to dump their money in that they raised from going around Pomerene and Benson on Tuesday and asking family and friends for loose change.

Wednesday and Thursday they did some more learning in the classroom about CF and then today they learned about the importance of hand washing and the older kids even got to make their own hand sanitizer.

It was overwhelming to see how many kids were so eager to raise and donate money. Dayson got to empty another water bottle full of silver coins thanks to our amazing employees. The school surpassed their goal of filling a 5 gallon water jug with silver coins in only 5 days! 

Chet and Dayson took a few minutes to thank everyone for their support and to thank Mr. Housley for making this week happen. Dayson is pretty shy, so I was so proud of him for having the courage to get up in front of his whole school and talk. In talking to Dayson about this week, it meant so much to him that everyone tried so hard to earn money for a cause that means everything to him.

Our amazing friend Tyler Burkett made a slide show for the kids to watch and he also made this video of Dayson that we showed to the school today -please take the time to watch it. 

Then we all went outside to do a walk/run for Team Dayson.  

Everyone got a cup of Blue Bell ice cream after the walk.

What an amazing week! We are so grateful for everyone that put time and effort into making this week happen. It was such a great week and everything turned out better than I could have imagined. Thank you to Terra Hatch, Andrea Merrill, and Shelly Crockett for all the time they took out of their lives this week to make this fundraiser so successful. Thank you to Rachel Manzo for taking all of these amazing pictures. Thank you to Kristy Judd for teaching everyone to do the bracelets. Thank you to Randy Barney for making all the jigs for the bracelet making. Thank you to Tyler Burkett for doing the slide show and the video of Dayson. Thank you to Blue Bell Ice Cream for giving us the ice cream at a very low cost. Thank you to my cousin Bud Noble at White Raven for donating the shirts and for giving us the water bottles and banner at a very low cost. Thank you to the University Medical Center for sending the nurses to educate our students.  I'm also so grateful for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and all the help and support that they gave us this week and weeks prior as we prepared for this fundraiser. Thank you to the staff and teachers at Pomerene School especially Mr. Shad Housley for not only initiating this but for also putting in as much time and effort into making this a successful week. Thank you to all the students for filling the water bottles with either their own money or from money from friends and family. Thank you to everyone that gave silver coins to the students, and thank you to those that went online and donated. I'm sorry if I left anyone out, but just know how grateful we are for everyone pitching in this week. We feel the love and support that everyone has for this sweet boy. The highlights of the week for me that brought tears to my eyes were: Rachel Manzo posted what her son Chase, who is in 1st grade, said "Mom, I don't care about a prize, I just want them to find a cure for Dayson and all the kids." And Chet just told me that Dayson's cousin Jackson, who is 9 years old, just donated $50 of his own money. These kids are the sweetest and we all can learn a lot from them!

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